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Dear Valued Customers of Vale of Avoca Designs,


As our business grows, we would like to thank you for your continued support within our small company. With that being said we wanted to set out a few reminders and outline how our business works for you and our future customers. Below you will find some important information regarding ordering, altering and maintaining costumes. Please take all of this into consideration when ordering a dress and requesting alterations.


New Dresses:


  • When ordering a new dress please keep in mind the time that it takes to make and design a dress. For this reason we ask that you give us at least 2 months notice for new dresses. We do our best to accommodate all orders but it makes it much easier when we are given ample time to discuss and plan out dresses.

  • Once a design is finalized, we will measure your dancer and shop for fabrics. At this point we generally need a month to complete the dress. We do our best to complete dresses as soon as possible, but sometimes design elements take longer than we anticipate, therefore we set out extra time to accommodate any design and construction issues.

  • Once the dress is ready to assemble, we will contact you and request you to bring in your dancer for a fitting to ensure the fit of the dress is perfect. After the final fitting, it will be approximately a week until the dress is completed.

  • All of our costumes come with bloomers.

  • We are happy to bling out your dress with crystals for you at an extra cost of approximately $200 (depending on the detail and amount of crystals required)




  • Grade level costumes begin at $1300, the final price will vary according to size and design elements

  • Championship level costumes begin at $1600, again, varying depending on size and design elements.

  • Prices of costumes will be discussed and quoted before construction of the dress takes place. An initial deposit will be due at time of measuring and customers are responsible for full payment upon completion of dress.




  • With our business growing, we try to make time to do alterations on previously made dresses. As explained when you received your dress, alterations such as letting out, taking in, and lengthening dresses can generally be done by anyone who knows how to sew. We make our dresses so that these alterations are easy to do. We would like to say that we are able to accommodate every alteration, but depending on the time of year and the workload we have, alterations may have to be put on hold.

  • Alterations generally start at $50, but that will vary depending on what needs to be altered.

  • Adding a new updated skirt generally starts at $400

  • New sleeves generally start at $150

  • Please note that all costs vary depending on fabrics and style of dress.


Maintaining Costumes:


  • Due to the nature of Irish Dancing, all costumes undergo some wear and tear. Crystals fall off, makeup leaves marks and so on. This is normal. Should there be a tear or something else of a damaged nature, try to tend to that as soon as possible so that the problem does not get worse.

  • Keep your costume in a bag and laying on a flat surface when not using it. Your costume should not be hung up as it will alter the fit and lie of the dress.


With all of this being said, we are very excited to continue to grow in the Irish Dancing world, and we appreciate all of the support and kindness that we have received to this date. We hope to be able to better accommodate customers with these new guidelines.   If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at


We can’t wait to make your dancer their new costume!


Thank You,

Sue and Katie Reilly

Vale of Avoca Designs

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